Recent Deals

Land Roller/Rock Picker, SE, AB $63,250.0
Bin, SE, SK $14,000.00
Sprayer, NE, SK $110,000
Grain Bins,West Central, SK $345,198.00
Truck, Central, SK $22,000.00
Bins/ Cones, East Central, SK $30,900.00
Bin, SW, SK $12,650.00
Grain Truck, South Central, SK $17,000.00
Air Tank & Air Drill, North Central, AB $44,000.00
Bruns Wagon,East Central, SK $22,550.00
Trailer, SE, SK $26,180.00
Auto Steer, NE, SK $13,023.00
Bale Carrier, East Central, AB $30,000.00
Rock Picker, West Central, SK $23,008.00
Blade, NE, SK $12,500.00
Combine & Header, SW, AB $45,000.00
Trailer, East Central, SK $8,508.00
Auger, NW, SK $14,100.00
Bins, SE, SK $40,680.00
Heavy Harrows, East Central, SK $54,084.00
Air Drill & Cart, SW,MB $14,000.00
Grain Bin, SW,MB $56,191.00
Trailer, East Central, SK $36,848.00
GPS System, South Central, SK $24,784.00
Post Pounder, South Central, SK $16,300.00
Squeeze Chute, West Central,MB $13,845.00
Super B Grain Trailers, NW, SK $145,280.00
Heavy Harrow, NE, SK $28,500.00
Freightliner Truck, SE, SK $44,472.00
Grain Dryer, East Central, SK $73,000.00
Post Building, West Central, SK $41,436.00
Bin, East Central, SK $66,372.00
Bin, NE, SK $32,400.00
Post Pounder/ Cattle Equip.,NW, SK $35,100.00
Tillage Machine, SW, AB $92,632.00
Bin, South Central,MB $98,165.00
Bin, East Central, SK $58,240.00
Sprayer, South Central, SK $35,000.00
Hopper Toppers, SW, SK $72,499.00
Truck & Trailer, SE, SK $29,916.00
Bruns Wagon, SE, SK $12,200.00
Bins, East Central, SK $114,823.00
Sprayer, NE, SK $35,000.00
Stock Trailer, NW,MB $27,516.00
Trailer, Central, SK $13,972.00
Tiller/ Stone Crusher, East Central, SK $105,000.00
Cattle Equipment, NE, SK $18,790.00
Post Pounder, Central, SK $16,433.00
Combine, NW,MB $40,000.00
Corral System, SE, SK $16,000.00
Auger, West Central,MB $25,000.00
Bin, East Central, SK $19,250.00
Bins, North Central, SK $29,800.00
Auger, NE, SK $20,300.00
Silage Trailer, South Central,MB $43,500.00
Combine / Header, SE, SK $65,000.00
Livestock Trailer, South Central, SK $15,516.00
Land Roller , SE, SK $42,532.00
Farm Shop, East Central, SK $46,216.00
Bins, SE, SK $14,443.00
Bins, Central, SK $41,504.00
Dump Trailer,West Central,MB $36,500.00
Bins, South Central, SK $60,170.00
Baler, SW, AB $19,000.00
Hay Rake, North Central, AB $12,500.00
Bin, East Central, SK $23,000.00
Water Pump System, SE, SK $17,234.00
Bin, SE, SK $37,400.00
Disc, SW,MB $59,000.00
Auger, East Central, SK $5,335.00
Combine & Header, SW,MB $44,000.00
Tractor & Bins, East Central, SK $94,342.00

Why Lease with Calidon?

There are many reasons to lease with Calidon.


Early Buy-Out Options

No Documentation Fees

Tax Benefits

Increase Cash Flow

Intergenerational Transfer of Wealth

All Leases Funded and Managed on the Prairies

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • If you are looking for a leasing company I would recommend Calidon Leasing. Our company is about customer service and so are they. They’ve developed unique leasing programs for us that are tailored to our customers. They do a great job of training our sales team about the programs and keeping the whole leasing process simple and fast. It’s been a pleasure to work with Calidon.

    Don Flaman President | Flaman Group of Companies

  • I’d like to thank Calidon Leasing for the fantastic service we’ve received from them. Our business is growing and it’s great to work with a leasing company that’s so quick to respond and goes out of their way to make leasing simple and easy. We appreciate their flexibility and look forward to doing a lot more business with Calidon.

    Conway Maydonick Can-American Enterprises Inc

  • We have been working with Calidon since the inception of JTL Industries Ltd in 2009. Being a farmer as well as a sales manager who works with farmers everyday, I have seen both sides of dealing with lease companies. I have experienced lease companies who have offered lower interest rates however most times there were “somewhat hidden” costs or fees added onto the lease. That kind of business never makes me very happy! That does not happen with Calidon. You know exactly what your costs are when you sign the lease.

    From the marketer’s perspective, I love dealing with Monty and Ryan. Their lease application process is simple which makes my customers happy. When my customers are happy…I am happy! The procedure is also very easy for me as I just forward the quote sheets of my customers who want to lease and Calidon looks after the rest. They keep me posted on how the deal is going and, in fact, a lot of times will close the deal for us.

    I will continue to offer Calidon as a preferred lease company to my customers!

    Richard Walde Sales Manager | JTL Industries

  • Always quick and easy to deal with, fast payment and very little paperwork!

    Dwight Taylor Dwayne Enterprises

  • We started dealing with Calidon in 2009, and they’ve been our preferred leasing provider since. The phone always gets answered. Everything is competitive, quick, and simple.

    Tyler Friesen Wentworth Ag

  • Calidon Equipment Leasing has been our "number 1" leasing supplier for many years. Calidon's friendly staff are readily available and always willing to help. Our customers remark how they appreciate Calidon's quick and efficient service. Calidon continues to meet and exceed our expectations.

    Joe Nast Palliser Plains Co-op Agro

  • The staff at Calidon are great to deal with and their processes are simple and efficient, both us and our customers appreciate that.

    Glen Morrison Discovery Co-op Agro

  • We at Affordable Livestock Equipment have been working with Calidon Leasing for the past 2 + years. They make putting a deal together so smooth and quick. We have increased our sales over this period and thank them for the ease of working together with us and with the customers. Thanks so much Brandyn & staff at Calidon Equipment Leasing.

    Becky and Jack Taylor Affordable Livestock Equipment

  • I have been working with Calidon for a number of years, and the results are always consistent – friendly, quick, convenient and easy. But most importantly to me, they are local.

    Darcy Matlock Saskatoon Co-op Agro

  • The staff are super knowledgeable about the advantages of leasing and over the years have helped our customers both by saving money through their lease programs and by offering them the right program at the best rates that works for either their personal or corporate needs.

    Curtis Epp Darmani Grain Storage

  • Calidon has helped Delta Co-op Agro build a strong relationship with our customers. Calidon is quick to get credit approvals in place & that can be all the difference in closing a sale. Delta Agro is very pleased to have Calidon as a key lease company.

    Earl Hawthorne Delta Co-op Agro

  • Calidon Leasing is a great leasing partner. Our customers have commented on how quick they can turn applications around and how easy their process is from start to finish. Their knowledge on leasing grain bins is commendable.

    Devon Spencer Grain Bin Direct

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