About Calidon


We operate in western Canada based out of our office in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan


Our business is growing, but we like to hold on to all the best things about being small. We like to answer our phones in person. We want you to have that personal touch.

We treat our customers like we would want to be treated. Our customer relationships are very important to us and we want to keep it that way.


We’re easy to get along with. We think it’s the only way to do business. Whatever you need:

  • a customized payment schedule
  • communication by phone, email, fax or In person
  • a leaseback
  • a lease upgrade

Just let us know and we can do our best to make it work.


We’re on a mission to make leasing simple. Our secure online tools make it easy for you to do business with us. You can try out different terms, get quotes immediately and apply online in minutes.

You might have noticed that we like plain language and short words. We’ve declared Calidon a jargon-free zone. Leasing is a lot easier to understand when the language is simple.

Our Name

Calidon is a variation on the Spanish word ‘calidad’ or ‘quality’.


Calidon Leasing Services is a division of Calidon Financial Services Inc. Calidon Financial Services Incorporated, doing business as Calidon Leasing, is licensed to operate as a financing corporation under the Saskatchewan Financial Service Commission (License Number 315426).

Our Team


Monty Bergquist

Ryan Bergquist
Vice-President, Sales & Marketing

Elliott Procyshen
Chief Financial Officer

James Gulka
Chief Risk Officer

Customer, Vendor Sales & Marketing

Brandyn Bertrand

Steve MacDonald

Matt Procyshen

Credit, Coordination, Administration

Brett Walter
Credit Officer

 Jenn Archibald
CU Sales, Lease Coordinator

Katrina Duguid
Lease Coordinator

Merle Steiner
Payment Processing, Lease Administration

Tricia Langelier
Account Resolution

Stephanie Griffin
Lease Funding, Administration

Kathy Schmaltz
Lease Funding, Administration

Danya Palmer
Lease Administration

Angela Kortekaas
Lease Administration