Equipment Leasing

The No Strings No Surprises Lease

Sometimes surprises are fun. Like when your boss remembers it’s your birthday and takes you out for lunch. Or you find the missing lottery ticket in that jacket you haven’t worn since last winter. A not-fun surprise is finding out your lease ends today and not two months from now, like you thought. It’s also not fun when you are quoted one price and charged something different. Don’t worry.

With Calidon you pay exactly what we quoted you. You’ll never be surprised by a hidden fee for administration or documentation.

We do a few things differently around here. Like our one year buy-out. Maybe you signed a multiple-year lease, but your business has changed. With Calidon you can buy out the equipment anytime after the first year, with no interest penalty on the rest of the term.

We treat customers like we would want to be treated—and that means no strings and no surprises.