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    Equipment Leasing

    The No Strings No Surprises Lease

    Sometimes surprises are fun. Like when your boss remembers it’s your birthday and takes you out for lunch. Or you find the missing lottery ticket in that jacket you haven’t worn since last winter. A not-fun surprise is finding out your lease ends today and not two months from now, like you thought. It’s also not fun when you are quoted one price and charged something different. Don’t worry.

    With Calidon you pay exactly what we quoted you. You’ll never be surprised by a hidden fee for administration or documentation.

    We do a few things differently around here. Like our one year buy-out. Maybe you signed a multiple-year lease, but your business has changed. With Calidon you can buy out the equipment anytime after the first year, with no interest penalty on the rest of the term.

    We treat customers like we would want to be treated—and that means no strings and no surprises.

    Agricultural, Construction and Industrial Equipment Leasing

    At Calidon Leasing Services, we specialize in agriculture and construction industries machines, tools and equipment leasing.

    These tools and equipment are vital for the growth of your business but are often too expensive to purchase. Buying all types of equipment is not always feasible and may even put a strain on your business finances.

    To help businesses get the required equipment without draining their bank account, we provide equipment leasing service for a wide range of tools, machines and heavy equipment.

    Our goal is to help businesses grow by getting access to the required equipment while maintaining cash flow.

    Equipment leasing is the best option to stay liquid and improve your cash flow. Whether you have a start-up or an established business, our leasing services are available for all types of businesses.

    We have a simple and easy leasing process to ensure that you get the equipment in a hassle-free way. From grain bins and excavators to forklifts and ambulances, we offer a wide range of equipment for leasing.

    Our leasing services are available for all industries such as agriculture, construction, industrial, transportation, municipalities, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.

    Agricultural Equipment Leasing

    We provide agricultural tools and equipment to help you grow your farm business. The agriculture industry is volatile and operates on tight margins. Calidon offers flexible leasing options for the farming industry to ensure that farmers have access to the equipment they require to run a successful farm.

    Our leasing service will help you save your capital for other important operations and improve your cash flow right away. From tractors to grain bins, we allow you to lease tools and equipment that work best for you. Our services include leaseback, a customized payment schedule, and a lease upgrade.

    Leasing agricultural equipment means you don’t need a down payment that can help to save your working capital. You also don’t need to worry about the equipment getting obsolete.

    With us, you get the right tools for the job with affordable payment options. We can help you find the latest equipment so that you get a cutting-edge solution to maximize production.

    Moreover, farmers can get tax benefits because leased equipment can be written off on annual tax returns.

    We provide tailored leasing solutions to ensure that you have a good harvest and profitable farming. Agricultural equipment and tools we offer for lease include but are not limited to:

    • Grain bins leasing
    • Tractors leasing
    • Combines leasing
    • Trucks leasing
    • Sprayers leasing
    • Augers leasing
    • Loaders leasing
    • Haying equipment leasing
    • Planting and seeding equipment leasing
    • Tillage equipment leasing
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    Construction Equipment Leasing

    To expand your business, you need the right equipment that allows you to take on new and bigger construction projects. However, buying construction heavy equipment can be a hard hit on your finances.

    If you want a cost-effective way to get the right equipment for your projects, Calidon Leasing Services has the perfect option for you. We provide lease service to construction companies that can fit their budget.

    Whether you run a large construction company or you are a self-employed general contractor, we provide leasing service to all sizes of businesses to help them acquire the needed equipment, with monthly payments significantly lower compared to purchase financing.

    We provide leasing for a wide range of construction tools and equipment. Whether you need demolition equipment or a tractor, you can lease construction tools, as well as heavy equipment at affordable rates.

    We provide a tailored leasing solution to meet the specific demands of your business. Unlike other leasing services, we provide detailed and accurate price quotes to ensure that you know the exact payment amount.

    Our process is simple and quick to help you get the required equipment in no time. Leasing construction equipment will help you preserve your credit lines and improve cash flow. We provide you the best rates, fast approvals, and flexible lease options that work for your construction company. We offer the following and more construction equipment for lease:

    • Dump Trucks leasing
    • Backhoe Loaders leasing
    • Compact Track Loaders leasing
    • Crawler Dozers leasing
    • Crawler Loaders leasing
    • Excavators leasing
    • Graders leasing
    • Scraper Tractors leasing
    • Skid Steers leasing
    • Tractor Loaders leasing
    • Wheel Loaders leasing
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    Municipal Equipment Leasing

    We not only provide leasing services to businesses but also municipal and government organizations such as schools, hospitals, municipalities, police, and fire departments. Irrespective of the industry, our leasing services are available for every type of equipment.

    Leasing municipal equipment helps in preserving capital for other crucial projects. Our flexible leasing solutions help in avoiding lump sum expenditures.  It allows institutions to manage their cash flow efficiently while getting access to the required equipment at reasonable prices.

    At Calidon, we provide you the payment terms that suit your specific cash flow needs. From new to used equipment and vehicles, we offer a leasing facility for all types of machines and tools.

    Our goal is to help you save money and the needed equipment in a timely manner. To achieve this goal, we provide competitive terms, quick services, and a wide range of equipment. Leasing equipment will not only improve your cash flow but also help in avoiding depreciation costs.

    Municipal entities need several types of equipment and vehicles but buying and maintaining all those equipment can be costly and even time-consuming. This is where leasing helps in saving money for critical priorities.

    We have a quick and easy application process to ensure that you get the right equipment as soon as possible. We offer the following and more municipal equipment for lease:

    • Ambulances leasing
    • Fire trucks leasing
    • Mowers leasing
    • Graders leasing
    • Utility Vehicles leasing
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    Material Handling Equipment Leasing

    The manufacturing industries and warehouses need several types of machines and equipment to get the job done quickly and efficiently.  Unless warehouses and factories have the right equipment, it will become difficult to ensure smooth operations.

    However, most of the heavy equipment and machines are costly, and buying each tool and equipment can drain all the capital that is needed for other more crucial tasks. To solve this issue, we provide customized lease solutions for efficient material handling.

    We provide leasing services for all types of material handling equipment that can fit your capital plan. From pallet trucks to cranes, you can lease any material handling equipment you need.

    Over the years, we have provided equipment on lease to several industries and that has given us the experience to understand the equipment needs of different types of businesses. Whether you’re planning to expand your operations or need to upgrade to the latest technology, we are here to help you achieve your business goals cost-effectively.

    From bulk material handling equipment to industrial trucks and positioning equipment, you can lease any equipment for as long as you need. As compared to variable interest rates on loans offered by banks, leasing will help you spread the cost evenly over a lease term. We offer the following and more material handling equipment for lease:

    • Warehouse equipment leasing
    • Forklifts leasing
    • Inventory equipment leasing
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    Commercial Equipment Leasing

    Do you need commercial mowing or turf equipment but don’t have sufficient cash? If you need any commercial equipment or utility vehicle, we can provide you with needed machinery on lease. We provide equipment leasing services to a wide range of industries.

    Our services can help you acquire the assets without buying them. Whether you need lift trucks for your operation or high-power commercial mowers, you can find flexible leasing solutions for all types of equipment and commercial tow vehicles. You can choose a lease plan that works best for your business.

    Our team can evaluate your business needs to provide you a leasing option that fits within your budget. No matter what type of business you run, we provide cost-effective lease services to help your company prosper.

    Leasing equipment is the best option to get access to the latest technology. Moreover, you can choose a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, annual payment plan- whatever suits your business cash flow.

    Besides helping you save money for day-to-day business expenses, leasing can also provide you tax benefits. At Calidon, we are always happy to receive your calls, answer any lease-related questions, and provide the best lease options. From providing accurate price quotes to handling all the paperwork, we are dedicated to making leasing easy and smooth for you.

    We offer the following and more commercial equipment for lease:

    • Mowers leasing
    • Utility vehicles leasing
    • Tractors leasing
    • Worksite and workshop products leasing
    • Agronomic products leasing
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